It works....? Rather dacoso: for Data Centers + Networks

Solutions that are just OK? – not from us. Because average is not a good idea in data centers and networks! Our solutions are charged with 100% passion instead: for technically mature solutions which will get you going. Data center interlinking, networking equipment, measurement services or encryption – we never rest unless everything is working fine. Thanks to the passion of our agile team, highly engaged in every project and never let go before the results are there for all to celebrate: powerful performance, yet at very reasonable cost.

Let him hack if he wants to!

Encryption protects from data espionage.

How? Watch our trick film (on youtube). 


Read here (pdf) for more on this

Networks are forever changing - never quiescent. WiTCOM’s life is more relaxed now: This Hessian telecommunication services provider is deploying Add-Drop multiplexers by ADVA Optical Networking to add or switch off wavelengths on several glass fiber lines in its wide area network – remotely, since switching is by remote control. The WiTCOM scenario was analyzed by dacoso in an initial exercise and, after a trial run, the system is now in full operation.

ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect

Our partner ADVA Optical Networking is aiming for dizzy heights with its pioneering new product for interconnecting data centers: ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect has the first 400 GBit/s data transmission module implemented on a single, compact subassembly. This is ADVA’s answer to industry's demands for effective solutions to the handling of ever increasing data volumes.  Scalability, low power consumption and compact design were primary considerations in the development of the FSP-3000. Please click here for more information (ADVA website).

Brocade Support Partner

Germany has very few of these – and dacoso has now joined the pack: With its SDP seal (Support Delivery Partner) for IP products, Brocade certifies partners that will not just sell hardware, but also offer the necessary support. This means: We will be on site with the customer to ensure that the IP systems are properly integrated and will continue running. Brocade was impressed with the support capacity of the dacoso team and official certification followed a final audit.  Quite recently Brocade already named us their “Status Quo Breaker” winner in recognition of an application for the encryption of Ethernet Fabrics communication in WAN’s.